Around the school

As Term 1 draws to a close I can look back on the time since our last newsletter at all of the extra-curricular activities that have involved students from Year 7 to 9. Our Football Prgram students have started playing games against other schools with some good results posted for the team and individual players. A group of Year 8 students competed in the Solar Car Challenge and we had students and staff attend the Have Sum Fun Mathematics competition. Parents and teachers had the opportunity to reflect on student progress at the recent parent interview evening and our Year 7 students have celebrated with the Great Start Awards.

I would like to congratulate all lower school students on their efforts for Term 1. Keep up the good work for Term 2 and I am sure you will be rewarded with improved outcomes in their Semester 1 reports. As we get ready to embark into Term 2 and the cooler weather, all families are reminded that only school uniform can be worn during school time. The holiday break is the perfect time to visit the uniform shop and stock up on winter items.

I hope that all of our students and families have an enjoyable holiday break and find time for quality time together. It will be great to see everyone refreshed and relaxed and back for Term 2 on Monday, April 29 2019.

Returning to Primary School to Share the Word on Warwick

We have recently had some more of our fantastic Year 7 ambassadors return to their local primary schools to share their thoughts about life at Warwick SHS.  Brandon Pilgram and Fiona Southall visited Glendale Primary School and Jacinta Wells spoke to students at Greenwood primary school. Our Warwick students did a fantastic job sharing their experiences and really enjoyed returning for a visit to their primary school. I would personally like to thank these students for all of their hard work in promoting our wonderful school.


Our Year 7 and 9 students will this year for the first time, be participating in NAPLAN Online.  Preparations are well underway for this significant testing regime.  Students have been preparing for these tests during their English and Maths lessons.  Students have been working on the content covered by NAPLAN for a significant period of time and are currently being familiarised with the NAPLAN Online platform and how the different types of test questions work.  Year 9 students participated in a simulated practice test April 3 and the Year 7 students April 9.  The tests will be officially completed between the 14 and 24 May and testing timetables are available for parents via CONNECT.

Belinda Hall
Associate Principal

Fiona Southall and Brandon Pilgrim return to Glendale Primary School to represent Warwick SHS.