Last week Year 11 students Kelly Tat and Hannah Soun participated in Live Below the Line. They lived on just $2 worth of food day each and set up a fundraising page for the cause. Imagine only having $10 to feed yourself for the whole working week! A wonderful effort by both students.

Kelly Tat

Last week Hannah and I participated in a challenge where we had to feed ourselves for just $2 a day for 5 days. Our budget was $10 and this had to buy our groceries for our meals. The challenge was created by Live Below The Line to raise awareness of one of the many difficulties students in East Timor and Cambodia face on a daily basis because of poverty. The challenge aims to fundraise for these students’ education to get them out of the poverty cycle, a big step towards ending world poverty!

The challenge was quite difficult as it required a lot of planning, patience and self-control, but overall it was a great learning experience, and helped increase my independence and organisational skills. During first few days, I found myself thinking about all the other foods I could’ve been eating, but by day 5, I became a lot more appreciative and content with the food I had.

Throughout the challenge there were so many delicious temptations that I was offered and forced to reject, which slowly made me realise that the large amount of unnecessary, luxurious foods we consume on a daily basis is actually such a granted privilege. I’ve learnt to really value the food we have, especially the basic foods, and hope that in participating in this challenge, people may remember the amazing privilege they have and to possibly share it with the many people who need it.

Hannah Soun

I enjoyed this challenge because it taught me to be even more grateful for being able to afford and access food with security.

It was pure torture watching people eat delicious food while I ate my boring, plain bread and pasta but in the end it’s all worth it as the profits go to an important cause.