As part of Vocational Education and Training (VET) within the school, Year 10 Indigenous students are enrolled into Certificate I in Leadership Development. This qualification is delivered by the Police and Community Youth Centre and we were appreciative of the funding received.

This unit supports individuals in identifying their own strengths, areas of improvement and how to work with others. The certificate also assists students in planning their future. One area being considered by students is a fundraising activity that will prove funds to assist others.

Planning is already in place to assist students with their preparation for upper school and their life after school. The students will then be linked up with SMYL (South Metro Youth Link) for a traineeship next year, if they complete this certificate. Two students from Duncraig SHS are attending the course at Warwick and have fitted in so well and we enjoy catching up with them every week.

Elise Smith
VET Coordinator