HASS 7 Report

Depending on how old you are, you may have studied Social Studies, Society and Environment or Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE). Today this learning area is called HASS, Humanities and Social Sciences, and some of the topics studied are quite different to the “olden days” as students put it.

Year 7 students are learning all about ancient Egypt and comparing it to modern day life. Surprisingly, there are a number of similarities, as ancient Egyptians liked beer and wore makeup too.

Year 8 students are currently studying Medieval crime and punishment and learning that today’s judicial system is much fairer and less torturous.

Year 10 students have been investigating the geography of human wellbeing and learning that their life in Australia is a pretty good one, compared to sub-Saharan Africa.

Year 11 Geography students are studying tourism and examining why tourists visit Perth. They recently completed their fieldwork component where they visited Kings Park and Hillarys Boat Harbour to explore some of our tourist attractions.

Year 11 Career and Enterprise students are preparing and updating their portfolios, which contains their resumes, cover letter and achievements.

HASS as a learning area has changed over the years. It now encompasses more topics that are hugely relevant to life today.

Sharon Reid
HASS teacher

Year 11 Geography Field Trips

Year 11 Geography students have been studying Tourism with a focus on Perth and Western Australia.  Students discovered that there are 3 types of tourists: intrastate tourists who travel within their own state, interstate tourists who travel to other states within Australia and international tourists that travel outside of Australia to other countries for holidays.

The class went on a field trip to Kings Park and Hillarys Boat Harbour to study the surrounds, with a view to discovering why these two places are top tourist attractions in Western Australia.  The students wandered around both locations, completing activities and a sketching a map of the beautiful view of Perth from Kings Park.  They also surveyed visitors to these attractions, ascertaining where they were from, what they thought of the attraction and whether they would recommend visiting the location to other people. Students spoke to intrastate visitors from Perth, interstate tourists from Melbourne and international tourists from various countries in Asia.

It was quite a cold and wet winter’s day but it did not deter the intrepid Geographers or the tourists.

General Geography is a new course this year at Warwick and has been an exciting new addition to the Year 11 and 12 subjects in HASS.  The students have been on two field trips which has broadened their knowledge of Perth and the local surrounds.

Sharon Reid
HASS Teacher