HAI – this is an Indonesian greeting which expresses joy, it is also ‘yes’ in Japanese. We used the acronym “HAI” for our learning area as it includes Home Economics, the Arts and Indonesian, hence the name HAI Expo. The inaugural HAI Expo was held on Thursday December 12 to showcase Warwick SHS student work.

The Art building was a visual feast of amazing works from Visual Art, Graphics and Indonesian students. There were also some Indonesian foods to sample.

The Home Economics building was home to a feast of a different kind. The Food Specialisations students prepared and presented a delicious array of foods for afternoon tea. Home Economics was also represented by displays of textiles projects and written work. A video of performances and recordings by Music and Year 8 Drama students was displayed on the big screen whilst visitors enjoyed partaking in the refreshments in Home Economics 4.

I would like to thank my team, the Arts learning area staff, for the time and effort they put in to making this event a success and to Michelle Turner (Marketing and Media Officer) for her efforts in promoting this event and taking photos during the event. I would also, like to thank all of those people who were able to attend our Expo, your presence makes it all worthwhile. It means a lot to staff and students to have their work viewed, experienced and valued by others.

Helen Chamberlain
HOLA | The Arts