• It is an exciting time in Western Australia with the launch of Containers for Change!! This means that all eligible drink items collected will receive a 10 cent refund to support fundraising efforts for our school (soft drink bottles and cans, flavoured milk, energy drinks, beer bottles and cans, juice boxes).
  • Greenbatch will collect eligible drink items and provide the full refund to our school. Greenbatch will also continue to collect other #1 PET and #2 HDPE items that don’t attract a refund but should still be recycled to further their mission to divert all plastic waste (e.g. milk bottles, berry containers).  Find out more here:
  • Please collect your eligible GreenBatch and C4C items, give them a rinse (leave the labels on), and bring them into the school front office. Greenbatch will also take our bottle lids in a separate bag.
  • Help us raise fundraising dollars, as well as preventing landfill and our waterways from filling up with plastic!!

If you take your Containers for Change items directly to a Containers Deposit Scheme centre and would like to donate the funds to the school, the Warwick Senior High School Containers for Change scheme School ID is C10306930.

Our GreenBatch team has been working for more than a year and has saved many thousands of items from landfill! We meet every Thursday at recess at the lawn area near Home Economics to sort and count the items collected in our green and purple Greenbatch bins at the school. We are always looking for keen, like-minded students to join us!

Please call 6240 4400 and ask for Ms Louise Kirkby if you have any questions.