Warwick’s GreenBatch team meets every Thursday at recess to sort and count the recyclable items collected in the purple and green GreenBatch bins. Only certain items can be recycled through this program, so unfortunately we have to discard other items – there are a certain amount of wish-cycling (i.e items that people ‘wish’ could be recycled, but that can’t be). Please only place designated items in the bins!

This term, the GreenBatch team has saved the following items from landfill:

  • 522 PET-1 bottles (mostly water and soft drink bottles)
  • 175 HDPE2 bottles (mostly milk and milk drink bottles such as iced coffee)
  • 170 aluminium cans
  • 157 bread tags
  • 52 clear glass bottles
  • 638 plastic bottle tops

That’s an amazing 1,714 items!

The PET-1 and HPE2 plastics and the bottle tops are recycled into 3-D printer filament. The cans and glass bottles will be counted towards the new Container Deposit Scheme, and Warwick Senior High School will be credited with a portion of these funds. The bread tags are collected for the Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs organisation.

Great job, Green team!

Please let Ms Lou Kirkby know if you would like to join this fabulous group of students who volunteer their time to support our environmental work at the school.

Photo by Ella Ferguson

Photo by Ella Ferguson