Our fabulous GreenBatch team of volunteers from Years 9 and 10 had their final sorting session today. Despite the drizzle, they managed to sort two full bins worth of items.

Since we started this project at the beginning of Term 3, the GreenBatch team has collected an amazing amount of recyclables. Unfortunately, there are still a number of contaminants in each week’s collections, so we ask everyone to only place the items collected by GreenBatch in the purple and green bins at school.

This semester, the GreenBatch team has saved the following items from landfill:

  • 1,939 PET1 bottles
  • 903 HPDE2 bottles
  • 271 aluminium cans
  • 875 bread tags
  • 1,658 bottle lids
  • 78 clear glass bottles

This is an amazing effort – well done!

Remember the ‘Rs’ this holiday season – refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, repair and recycle!

Lousie Kirkby
English | Year 10 Coordinator