By 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! A local company called GreenBatch is developing WA’s first plastic recycling facility to recycle plastics with the PET 1 and HDPE 2 rating. Following a whole school presentation from GreenBatch at the end of last term, an intrepid group of Year 10 students signed up to be part of the Warwick SHS GreenBatch Crew.

At our first collection and sorting session on 8 August, we sorted the contents of the two purple and green GreenBatch bins, the boxes that were placed around the school in staff offices and classrooms, and several big bags of plastics collected by the Home Economics department.

Our first haul consisted of:

  • PET 1 (mostly water and drink bottles – 221
  • HDPE2 (milk and some drink bottles) – 101
  • Aluminium cans – 33
  • Bread bag tags – 729
  • Clear glass bottles – 2
  • Plastic bottle lids – 53

Ceejay Jaworski, Anysha Van Dyk, Jack Eaton and Bree Ward-Dixon sorting items.

Examples of non-recyclable items place in the bins. Please avoid doing this.

The bread tag total was boosted by a full container of tags that was given to Ms Dawn by her local Dome coffee shop!

These items will be stockpiled and later taken to the GreenBatch plastic processing facility in Mount Claremont. The plastics with the PET 1 and HDPE 2 ratings will be processed directly by GreenBatch into 3D printer filament, and the other items are passed onto other local recycling facilities. Further information can be found at

We are very proud to be actively supporting the recycling message in our school!

Ms Louise Kirkby
Year 10 Coordinator | English

Kyra Fowler, Bree Ward-Dixon, Chelsea Wallace, Rebekah Heal, Anysha Van Dyk, Riley Biggs, Ceejay Jaworski, Jack Eaton with items ready to go to GreenBatch in the future.