Warwick Senior High School fees are consistent with those of all public schools in Western Australia. School contributions are for Year 7 to 10 and are approximately $235.00 each year.

These contributions go towards providing materials, services and facilities directly used or consumed by students, including hire of textbooks or the provision of text material.

The costs are detailed on the school’s Contributions and Charges lists, which are forwarded to parents initially at the end of each year for the next year.


Extra Cost Options

These are optional subjects in Years 7 to 10 that have a compulsory charge which is in addition to the standard education program covered by the Contribution amount of $235.00. Students can opt to select these subjects.

At least 50% of charges for the extra cost options must be paid before beginning the course each year.

These charges are detailed on the school’s Contributions and Charges list.

Compulsory Charges

These apply to all courses in Year 11 and 12. The charge levied for each Year 11 and 12 course will be determined by the Principal and approved by the School Board.

Optional Activities or Services

These are specific activities or services that schools offer for students to use or participate in. Examples of these include the Year 12 Farewell Ceremony, camps, excursions, the school Year Book and school social activities. Students choose to take part in these activities or use the services.

The charge associated with the provision of these activities or services must be paid before attending. The charge covers the cost of providing the service or running the activity.