How do you help young people experience the risks associated with alcohol consumption if they are under the legal drinking age?

This was the conundrum that several Year 11 students resolved in creating exhibits for the school’s RU OK Day event for Year 7 to 10 students last week.

The student exhibits were also an assessment for their ATAR Health course. The projects focused on the nine National Health Principles of Australia and used the Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions.

Students Breanna Wills and Brooke Curley chose alcohol, specifically the trauma caused by its consumption in relation to drink-driving.

They presented a board highlighting the staggering statistics of alcohol-related road trauma, a guessing game to identify the average number of deaths on Australian roads each year, and in a masterstroke, a video game that attracted throngs of students.

“Everyone loves Mario Kart, but we made them use kaleidoscope glasses that impaired their vision, simulating the effects of alcohol while driving,” Breanna explained.

Brooke said they chose this focus because the students were at an age when they were starting to think about getting a driver’s licence.

“And there are a lot of influences on teenagers to drink so we wanted to present what it would be like if they tried to drive after drinking,” she said.

“They all said they couldn’t see or do anything!”

So, what was your guess for the number of deaths on Australian roads? According to research by these enterprising students, it’s 229!

Students Breanna Wills and Brooke Curley.