In Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), we suspend the curriculum for three weeks each year in order to focus on career development. We believe that it is an important addition to the students’ studies and helps them hone their skills and provide them with an end goal after school, or at least the information to discover what their end goal may be.

For the last three weeks of Term 2 we did this with the Year 10 cohort. Students engaged in career profiling, learning more about their own interests and began the subject selection process for Year 11. As part of this unit, 35 students were invited to participate in the Curtin Ahead Program which aims to provide information about higher education to students right across the state.

At Warwick SHS we have been a part of this program for a number of years and for some students it was third visit to the Curtin campus. During this recent visit they were able to tour a faculty of their choice, compete for prizes whilst learning about the student support services offered at universities and of course, partake it the delights of the main cafeteria.  Students also contributed to an ‘Engineers Without Borders’ humanitarian design challenge, which further developed their STEAM skills and produced a surprising group winner.

Students had a great time on campus and, once again, were excellent representatives of Warwick Senior High School. Thank you to Miss Faletti for accompanying the group and continuously encouraging students to do their best.

Kirstie Giglia
HOLA | Humanities and Social Sciences