Contemporary Dance Competition

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Contemporary Dance Competition on Wednesday 9 December, especially the finalists. Every students’ creativity and confidence were amazing. Thank you for encouraging and supporting each other throughout the day. 30 items were presented and 7 finalists were chosen. Selected dances performed again to compete for trophies. Awards are as follows:


1st – ‘LOOK’ (Performers: Maggie Tat, Tamara Bulatovic, Tyannah Van Dyk).

2nd – ‘BROKEN MIRROR’ (Performers: Isabella Harrison, Addison Perry).

3rd – ‘TWO WORLDS COLLIDE’ (Performers: Indiana Buttle, Klaudia Houlis).

  • ‘CONNECTED’ (Performers: Tamara Dobras, Summah McRae).
  • ‘ISOLATION’ (Performers: Maya Naumoska, Lucia Versace, Imogen Williams).
  • ‘HOMELESS’ (Performers: Tayla Deering, Taylah Meikle).
  • ‘MUTED’ (Performers: Leila Lawson, Fiona Southall).

Most Outstanding Performer:

  • Tayla Deering