Canteen Manager Christine Milner (left) and Anna Jaworski are regulars in the school canteen.

Volunteers wanted!

Do you have a spare few hours during the week? Would you like to make some new friends, have a laugh and contribute to feeding children a healthy lunch? Have we got the job for you! The canteen is looking for volunteers.

  • No experience is necessary
  • Your children/grandchildren will love seeing you at the school and helping out
  • Wonderful opportunity to get to know other parents from the school community
  • Commitment is simply whatever time you have to give.

If you are keen to help out please email

Healthy food and drinks on the menu

It is important that schools offer students healthy options through its canteen. The Department of Education has provided answers to frequently asked questions. The Department uses a traffic signal classification of RED, AMBER and GREEN.

Why doesn’t our school canteen sell soft drink and other high sugar drinks?

The Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink Policy classifies sugar-sweetened drinks and/or artificially sweetened drinks that are high in kilojoules and low in nutrients RED. This means that they are not permitted for sale.

Examples include soft drinks, sports drinks, cordials, energy drinks, iced teas, high caffeine drinks, flavoured mineral waters and fruit juice containing less than 99 per cent fruit. Our school has a wide range of GREEN drinks and some AMBER drink options that will keep your child hydrated, happy and healthy!