Bushfire Safety Information

At Warwick Senior High School, we consider the safety of students and staff to be extremely important. Bushfires happen every summer and they usually start suddenly and with very little warning. As our school is surrounded by bushland there is the potential for a bushfire to threaten our school so it is important that all staff, students and parents/carers know what to do in this situation.

The following actions have been implemented to minimise the risk and prepare for the bushfire season:

  • Warwick Senior High School Bushfire Plan developed for 2020-2021.
  • School gymnasium identified as the on-site ‘safe building location’.
  • Reduction of the fuel load around the school.
  • Evacuation drills conducted with students and staff through the year.
  • Evacuation procedures displayed in all classrooms and offices.

Parents/Carers are requested to take the opportunity to update emergency contact information with the school. If you do need to update your contact address, phone and email, as well as listed emergency contacts, please email warwick.shs.enquiries@education.wa.edu.au