Last semester Year 7 and 8 Textiles, Technology and Enterprise students were involved in solving a real-world problem.

They were faced with the question of neglected animals in the world and how they could be helped.

The solution was to make blankets to be donated to the RSPCA WA.

During last semester two classes worked hard in groups of three and four students using the sewing machines, some for the first time, to complete the blankets.

On Tuesday, 31 July, Kathrin for the RSPCA visited the school to talk to students about animals which have unfortunately been mistreated and become homeless.

The RSPCA relies heavily on the goodness of the community to assist them in making a difference. From reporting inappropriate behaviours witnessed towards animals in the community or through donations, the community can take action to help the animals in need.

By presenting these blankets to the RSPCA, the students know that they are helping an animal in need during winter.

Kathrin was delighted to receive the blankets and even tried convincing the students to adopt Wilbur, the pig, to the school! Well done to all who were involved!

–  Helen Chamberlain, Justine Kidner and Hannah Moran