It’s not easy moving a telescope, especially when it’s in Narrabri, but that’s exactly what Year 10 student Alana Dooley had the opportunity to do when she went to the National Australian Telescope Facility (ANTF), a division of the CSIRO in Bentley, recently.

Alana spent the week living the life of an astrophysicist under the watch of the facility Coordinator Dr George Heald (pictured below right). Alana spent time experiencing all areas of the ANTF’s work and focused on the comparison of radio telescope and infrared images of galaxies far, far away.

Dr Heald said Alana was highly engaged and interested in everything.

He was pleased to be able to assist Alana in developing her passion for astronomy.

Science HOLA Mr Graham Johnson organised the work placement as part of the Science Department’s outreach program.