School project leads to global recognition!

The 2020 Shell NXplorers Recognition Awards, held Tuesday 8 December, was held virtually and broadcast from The Hague in the Netherlands. The outstanding contributions of Nxplorers participants from across the globe were celebrated.

Team Pentagon, comprising Year 10 Warwick Senior High School students Hai Anh Ha, Hayley Jamieson, Julyanna Lontoc, Angela Pham and Nakita Green, were nominated by Scitech who are the program partner here in Australia, following the students’ participation in the program and showcase presentation at the Perth Science Festival in 2019.

With projects nominated across 17 countries for the 2020 Award, we are beyond excited to share the news that Team Pentagon were announced as the recipient of a Bronze Award for the most “Exceptional Project by a Student Team’, from a global pool.

This award recognises NXplorers teams that have delivered exceptional change projects with potential for impact on their community and society.

Team Pentagon designed and built a solar recharging unit and applied this technology to applications that can be used in rural and remote areas, and of particular benefit for developing countries.

Shell NXplorers program aims to empower our current students to become the leaders of tomorrow. It develops smart thinkers to solve tomorrow’s global challenges, including the demand for more and cleaner energy.

Students were tasked to solve the focus question of “How can we be more sustainable with food, water and energy in our school and community?” and have been equipped with the vital skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration to do so.

Working in teams, students develop sustainability ideas, models and research projects to describe how they believe they can create positive change in their community.

Shell NXplorers introduces young people to complex and creative thinking skills needed to bring about sustainable change.